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Three Year old Bred Cows For Sale

If you're in the market for some good two year old Black Simmental bred cows, you are at the right spot. All of these Gambler cows are really exceptional looking. They are all thick and wide with good length, and are well muscled. They also have right genetics behind them. EPD Data Explanation.

We also have some excellent Black Simmental Bred Cows for Sale. These are "top quality" young cows, and any or all of them would be a great addition to any breeding program. They are worth taking a look at.

63R black simmental bred heifer.jpg
9.0 -2.5 29.2 52.2 3.6 11.1 25.7
CW YG MARB $API     $TI    
-2.7 -.10 .20 Indexes 110.0 63.0

PS Lady Gambler R63 -- Polled
Birth Date: 1/11/2005
Adj.BW 68#
Adj.WW 619#

PS Lady Gambler R63  is by TJ57J THE GAMBLER x Nichols Legacy G151 and is a fine looking cow with good width and depth.  R63 has all the right stuff in her genetics and is a great producer.  She has been bred to TRIPLE C INVASION for a March calf. Her calf this year is U111 on our heifer calves page.

65R black simmental bred heifer.jpg
9.1 3.9 51.6 87.3 2.3 7.3 33.1
CW %RC MARB $API     $TI   
-5.5 -.07 .14 Indexes 92.0 67.0

PS Gambler R65--Polled
Birth Date 1/14/2005
Adj. Birth Wgt. 96#
Adj. WW. 719#

PS Lady Gambler P65 is by TJ57J THE GAMBLER x Circle S Leachman 600U. She is another one that is thick and wide, and has good weight gain. She is a grand daughter of E103 PS Miss Mick, our elite award cow. She has been bred to DREAM ON for a January calf. Her calf this year is U110 on our 2008 bull calves page. U110 was our top indexing bull this year.


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